Thursday, December 13, 2012

Style Me Pretty!

With This Ring is honored to be among the professionals featured today on Style Me Pretty's Little Black Book blog! This lovely wedding of Emily & Aaron was a great time with a sweet couple. The readings given by their family were heartwarming, and the pros I shared the day with were top notch! Here is the link:

Check out the additional gallery for some other sweet moments, including one from their ceremony! 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

We are on a budget!

I see this so often in forums lately!  "We are on a budget". Most often, the couple is trying to say that they don't have a lot to spend, but in actuality, ALL weddings should be on a budget! Some are small and others large. It is only smart to decide how much you will spend and stick to it. Also, what is a small budget to one person may seem like a big budget to another. It is all relative to your situation, so those words alone don't tell the whole story.

Some think their best option may be to go "all inclusive", but unless you want all the services they offer that doesn't save you money. If you pay for something you don't want or could do without, that is not good use of the funds. It is best to create a budget that lays out each area of the wedding and how much you want to allocate for each area. You have to have an officiant and the rest is "icing". You can adjust as needed, too. For example, if you allocated $1000 for a dress and only spent $300, you can put the savings into the honeymoon fund or toward more photography, etc. You need to know what are your priorities.

It may not be best to DIY unless you are really talented or the person designated for it has a great working knowledge of what they are taking on. Many people find out that they have taken on projects that drain their time, cost more than anticipated, take up space they don't have to create or store them, and add to their stress. 

A good planner will help keep all of this in line for you, as well. Look for our favorite ones here:

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Table fun

Prior couples have come up with some really fun and creative ways to name and number their guest tables. Perhaps some of these will work with your theme or wedding style, or are something you can relate to, as well, or maybe they will get your creative juices flowing toward brainstorming your own. Share with us your ideas!

1. Try familiar places: schools, trips, where you met, first date location, where he proposed, etc.
2. Hometown landmarks: Every town has many to choose.
3. Favorite movies or celebrities
4. This may be a good way to memorialize those people you wish could have been there; all the grandparents or others that are gone but not forgotten.
5. Sports offers endless choices. Pick a sport and use their teams, Pick all your favorite teams from all sports, or choose all your favorite players.
6. Floral names: Roses, Orchids, etc.
7. Wineries
8. Desserts
9. Pictures of you two holding the different numbers, or pictures of you both at those ages.
10. Beaches or beach related items.
11. "I Love You" in different languages.
12. Favorite songs/Band names.

These are just a sampling of what I have witnessed, and some other ideas include colors, hobbies, season words, items from your heritage, animals, honeymoon location details, and favorite vacation spots. Some ideas I found others using:
We have: The cheeky table The noisy table The naughty table The silly table The nerdy table (for my friends with phds!) and others I can't remember just now.

We are going to name each table after a city we've visited together and put a picture of us (in addition to other centerpiece, haven't though that far ahead lol).

We named our tables after film directors. We laser-cut names from wood that I designed to go with the kinds of movies they make, and we put a little card on the base explaining who the director was and what we liked of theirs. we are going to be naming our tables after Love stories (ex: The Notebook, Pride and Prejudice, ect...) and on the tables we will have the actual books in hard cover that one guest from each table will be able to take home with them (we will place a penny under one plate at each table and whoever has the penny can keep the book) ... FH and I will also be handwriting special notes on the inside cover of each book explaining why we chose that story and what it means to us.

All of our tables were named after love songs with the word LOVE in it. I put the names in picture frames. 

One I especially thought sweet was found at Poster Jodie319 said: We wanted to do something different than just plain numbers, so we are using words(that have to do with marriage) with a little quote underneath them. Click on the photo on that page to see them.

Table names are frequently an overlooked item, Whether you choose to use a theme or numbers, get creative; it will add a personalized touch to your reception. Have fun!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Kind words

A few weeks ago, while recovering from surgery, I received a card in the mail from a couple that I officiated for last year. They had no idea that I had recently had surgery, or would need some words of encouragement, but they arrived at the perfect time. Here is what they wrote:

"Carleen, We wanted to thank you for making our wedding day so special! Our ceremony was absolutely perfect - from the readings you provided us to choose, the time you took writing our ceremony out in the order we discussed, to adding our personal story, our ceremony was one of a kind and was my favorite part of our big day. We have received numerous compliments and kind words regarding how beautiful, unique, personal and interesting our ceremony was. We are so happy we chose you to be a part of our day - you are wonderful and we will continue to recommend you! Thank you again, PS Thank you also for sending us a copy of the ceremony and our adorable vow cards (in our wedding colors!). What a beautiful touch - you are so sweet and thoughtful!"

Their gorgeous ceremony took place at Blue Dress Barn, planning by Stella Event Design, photography by Studio 6.23 and video by Coastline Studios.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Welcome Veronique!

From the first week that "With This Ring Wedding Ceremonies" was established (by Rev. Carleen), after first working through another minister to obtain ceremonies, the phone has been ringing. I have been so blessed to be able to work with so many couples planning their future together.

However, on occasion I am having to turn couples away that were really hoping to have "With This Ring" involved in their ceremony. It has been hard to send regrets to those couples, but I would refer them to others in their area of SW Michigan, in the hopes that they would be able to find one of my colleagues able to work with them.

It was on my heart for awhile to look for someone to work along side me, someone that I could trust to deliver the same type of personal care and commitment that I offer.

As with all good things, they are brought to us in the time that is right. It is with great pleasure that I announce the addition of Veronique Jewell to "With This Ring Wedding Ceremonies"!

Please view the new page on my website for more information on Rev. Veronique.

I am honored and excited at the possibilities for both of us and our clients by this partnership! Please join me in welcoming Veronique to With This Ring!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

New Permanent Invitation Pricing!!!

With This Ring ~ Cherry Blossom Designs is proud to announce that I will now offer 30% off any order at or over $100 and 20% off order below $100!

That can really add up to significant savings when purchasing your Save the dates, Invitations, Response cards, programs, napkins, thank you's and other day of stationery. Accessories are included in this offer and we have sand ceremony elements, guest books, cake toppers/cutting sets, flower girl and ring bearer items, and gifts for your wedding party, to name a few.

The savings don't just apply to wedding items! Use this for all life's events: graduations, new baby, holidays, or any reason to throw an event! Order Christmas cards by Dec. 1st, please! We have an amazing turnaround of only 5 business days from order placement! With a search feature and something for every style and budget, you are sure to find a selection to your liking.

Items can be viewed online, but there are far more accessory items in the catalog. Call or email to have those items viewed in person or sent by email attachment. To receive the discount, do not complete a checkout online. I will need to have you email me the order. Items ordered online will not be discounted.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Happy Children at your Reception

Many forum posts ask others if they plan on having children attend the wedding and reception. For a lot of couples, and for varying reasons, they choose not to have children attend. This is definitely a personal choice and one each couple must decide for themselves.

If you do choose to have children attend, there are two very important things that you can do to help ensure those young ones are having a good time without "breaking the bank" or your centerpieces!

First, always see if the caterer can provide a lower cost children's meal or buffet choice, too. The price can save you around $5 or more per person over the adult offering. That can be a significant savings. A recent child buffet included choices of mac and cheese, potato smilies, and chicken nuggets.

Young ones like to dance, and will probably occupy the dance floor for a portion of the evening, but they get tired, too. Provide a spot for them to congregate and play quietly. Here is a great table set up for kids to entertain themselves with coloring books, crayons and easy "glue-free" crafts! The children (and adults) at this wedding loved it!