Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Happy Children at your Reception

Many forum posts ask others if they plan on having children attend the wedding and reception. For a lot of couples, and for varying reasons, they choose not to have children attend. This is definitely a personal choice and one each couple must decide for themselves.

If you do choose to have children attend, there are two very important things that you can do to help ensure those young ones are having a good time without "breaking the bank" or your centerpieces!

First, always see if the caterer can provide a lower cost children's meal or buffet choice, too. The price can save you around $5 or more per person over the adult offering. That can be a significant savings. A recent child buffet included choices of mac and cheese, potato smilies, and chicken nuggets.

Young ones like to dance, and will probably occupy the dance floor for a portion of the evening, but they get tired, too. Provide a spot for them to congregate and play quietly. Here is a great table set up for kids to entertain themselves with coloring books, crayons and easy "glue-free" crafts! The children (and adults) at this wedding loved it!

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