Sunday, March 11, 2012

Table fun

Prior couples have come up with some really fun and creative ways to name and number their guest tables. Perhaps some of these will work with your theme or wedding style, or are something you can relate to, as well, or maybe they will get your creative juices flowing toward brainstorming your own. Share with us your ideas!

1. Try familiar places: schools, trips, where you met, first date location, where he proposed, etc.
2. Hometown landmarks: Every town has many to choose.
3. Favorite movies or celebrities
4. This may be a good way to memorialize those people you wish could have been there; all the grandparents or others that are gone but not forgotten.
5. Sports offers endless choices. Pick a sport and use their teams, Pick all your favorite teams from all sports, or choose all your favorite players.
6. Floral names: Roses, Orchids, etc.
7. Wineries
8. Desserts
9. Pictures of you two holding the different numbers, or pictures of you both at those ages.
10. Beaches or beach related items.
11. "I Love You" in different languages.
12. Favorite songs/Band names.

These are just a sampling of what I have witnessed, and some other ideas include colors, hobbies, season words, items from your heritage, animals, honeymoon location details, and favorite vacation spots. Some ideas I found others using:
We have: The cheeky table The noisy table The naughty table The silly table The nerdy table (for my friends with phds!) and others I can't remember just now.

We are going to name each table after a city we've visited together and put a picture of us (in addition to other centerpiece, haven't though that far ahead lol).

We named our tables after film directors. We laser-cut names from wood that I designed to go with the kinds of movies they make, and we put a little card on the base explaining who the director was and what we liked of theirs. we are going to be naming our tables after Love stories (ex: The Notebook, Pride and Prejudice, ect...) and on the tables we will have the actual books in hard cover that one guest from each table will be able to take home with them (we will place a penny under one plate at each table and whoever has the penny can keep the book) ... FH and I will also be handwriting special notes on the inside cover of each book explaining why we chose that story and what it means to us.

All of our tables were named after love songs with the word LOVE in it. I put the names in picture frames. 

One I especially thought sweet was found at Poster Jodie319 said: We wanted to do something different than just plain numbers, so we are using words(that have to do with marriage) with a little quote underneath them. Click on the photo on that page to see them.

Table names are frequently an overlooked item, Whether you choose to use a theme or numbers, get creative; it will add a personalized touch to your reception. Have fun!

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