Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Congregation Blessing the Rings

There is a lovely ceremony addition called "Congregation Blessing the Rings".

Some couples choose to pass their rings around through the congregation, where they are treated with reverence. They are usually tied together on a pretty ribbon, slid onto a pretty handkerchief, or placed in a sheer fabric bag and tied shut. As each person is passed the rings, they offer up their silent prayer, blessing or wish for B. and G. for their new life together.

There are friends and relatives of your congregation that know aspects in relation to being married that you want to know. This is part of the reason that you invite them to participate in your ceremony & to offer you their support. You may look at their marriage & think, “How, does he/she live with that person?” However, if they’ve been making it work for a long time, even if it’s not a relationship you want to mirror, chances are they know something regarding being married and staying married, and that you do want to copy. They have insight which you could hear & even grow from.

The rings you will wear serve as a reminder of the pledges you made on your wedding day, and are an outside symbol to the world that you have a life partner. Asking a blessing from individuals and couples will only enrich your married life.

After the wedding ceremony, you may want to ask your guests to write down what they wished or prayed for you. It can be wonderful to have those “good vibes” to reflect on later, but sometimes it’s just enough to have the thought put into the rings.

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