Friday, January 15, 2010

Tooth Whitening ~ Safe?

A visit yesterday to my dentist, for a routine cleaning and checkup, had me thinking about the many "teeth whitening" options that brides are bombarded with now. I decided to take the opportunity to discuss that with the hygientist.

We've all seen the "blue light" specials, and no I don't mean K-Mart discount. I'm talking about those lights that they shine on your teeth, claiming whitening will happen. According to our specialist (the hygientist and dentist) those do absolutely nothing but take your hard earned money.

As for those mall Whitening kiosks and shops, they recommend that you avoid those, as well. They are often manned by people with no more background in tooth and gum maintenance than you or I have. Not only that, but the sanitary conditions used at some would make you think twice, if you only knew.

If you have great insurance or can afford it in your budget, they recommend getting the personalized mold and whitening gel from your dentist. If you can not do that, they say the Crest Whitening Strips are safe and do a decent job, too.

For more info, talk to your dentist!

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