Saturday, November 13, 2010

New Permanent Invitation Pricing!!!

With This Ring ~ Cherry Blossom Designs is proud to announce that I will now offer 30% off any order at or over $100 and 20% off order below $100!

That can really add up to significant savings when purchasing your Save the dates, Invitations, Response cards, programs, napkins, thank you's and other day of stationery. Accessories are included in this offer and we have sand ceremony elements, guest books, cake toppers/cutting sets, flower girl and ring bearer items, and gifts for your wedding party, to name a few.

The savings don't just apply to wedding items! Use this for all life's events: graduations, new baby, holidays, or any reason to throw an event! Order Christmas cards by Dec. 1st, please! We have an amazing turnaround of only 5 business days from order placement! With a search feature and something for every style and budget, you are sure to find a selection to your liking.

Items can be viewed online, but there are far more accessory items in the catalog. Call or email to have those items viewed in person or sent by email attachment. To receive the discount, do not complete a checkout online. I will need to have you email me the order. Items ordered online will not be discounted.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Happy Children at your Reception

Many forum posts ask others if they plan on having children attend the wedding and reception. For a lot of couples, and for varying reasons, they choose not to have children attend. This is definitely a personal choice and one each couple must decide for themselves.

If you do choose to have children attend, there are two very important things that you can do to help ensure those young ones are having a good time without "breaking the bank" or your centerpieces!

First, always see if the caterer can provide a lower cost children's meal or buffet choice, too. The price can save you around $5 or more per person over the adult offering. That can be a significant savings. A recent child buffet included choices of mac and cheese, potato smilies, and chicken nuggets.

Young ones like to dance, and will probably occupy the dance floor for a portion of the evening, but they get tired, too. Provide a spot for them to congregate and play quietly. Here is a great table set up for kids to entertain themselves with coloring books, crayons and easy "glue-free" crafts! The children (and adults) at this wedding loved it!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Personalization and Details

I began working with Rachel & Chris last November. They live in Arizona and were coming to Michigan to be married at her parent's lakeside vacation home. Due to distance, we planned everything by phone and mainly email.

They hired Merry Me Events for coordination and planning, Matterhorn Catering, Driving Reign band for entertainment, and Heather Gollatz Dukeman for photography. Not sure who did the flowers, but I loved her bouquet.

The couple added many personal touches and details to their ceremony and reception. He proposed to her on Saguaro Lake and they had monogrammed Saguaro cookies and the table numbers were on Saguaro cactus.

The ceremony began, like most, with Grandparents and then moms being seated. Then it took a fun departure from the norm. Once the moms sat down, fireworks were set off. With a loud bang and a burst of sparks in the sky, the groom and groomsmen were signaled! They were out on the lake and the boat carrying them came full speed to shore! There was a shot glass for each waiting on the dock, and they toasted upon departing the boat. Once they walked up the aisle, our ceremony proceeded with the bridemaids and followed by our stunning bride and father.

There were laughter and tears all throughout the ceremony, and my congratulations go out to the happy couple. You did it your way, and I commend you!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Congregation Blessing the Rings

There is a lovely ceremony addition called "Congregation Blessing the Rings".

Some couples choose to pass their rings around through the congregation, where they are treated with reverence. They are usually tied together on a pretty ribbon, slid onto a pretty handkerchief, or placed in a sheer fabric bag and tied shut. As each person is passed the rings, they offer up their silent prayer, blessing or wish for B. and G. for their new life together.

There are friends and relatives of your congregation that know aspects in relation to being married that you want to know. This is part of the reason that you invite them to participate in your ceremony & to offer you their support. You may look at their marriage & think, “How, does he/she live with that person?” However, if they’ve been making it work for a long time, even if it’s not a relationship you want to mirror, chances are they know something regarding being married and staying married, and that you do want to copy. They have insight which you could hear & even grow from.

The rings you will wear serve as a reminder of the pledges you made on your wedding day, and are an outside symbol to the world that you have a life partner. Asking a blessing from individuals and couples will only enrich your married life.

After the wedding ceremony, you may want to ask your guests to write down what they wished or prayed for you. It can be wonderful to have those “good vibes” to reflect on later, but sometimes it’s just enough to have the thought put into the rings.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

With This Ring ~ Cherry Blossom Designs

I have seen an increase in the number of brides who are working with a limited wedding budget. Limited budgets should not hinder your selection in the wedding stationery category, nor should it dampen a bride’s wedding planning spirit.

With This Ring is here to assist the budget–conscious bride in seeing her wedding dreams come true with Simply Sensible Budget Wedding Packages!

The Simply Sensible Budget Wedding Packages contain the essentials in wedding stationery. All packages contain printed invitations with matching, blank envelopes; printed respond cards with matching, printed envelopes; and blank thank–you cards with matching, blank envelopes. Some of the packages also include foil–printed napkins and blank accessories!

With prices as low as $99.90 per 100, bridal couples can save up to $400 off suggested retail prices! Even though the pricing of these packages has been greatly reduced, you will see that style and quality have not. Brides can still have the quality and style they deserve in wedding stationery, even on a limited budget.

I am looking forward to a brighter economic future for everyone and to serving couples in celebrating all their life events.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Tooth Whitening ~ Safe?

A visit yesterday to my dentist, for a routine cleaning and checkup, had me thinking about the many "teeth whitening" options that brides are bombarded with now. I decided to take the opportunity to discuss that with the hygientist.

We've all seen the "blue light" specials, and no I don't mean K-Mart discount. I'm talking about those lights that they shine on your teeth, claiming whitening will happen. According to our specialist (the hygientist and dentist) those do absolutely nothing but take your hard earned money.

As for those mall Whitening kiosks and shops, they recommend that you avoid those, as well. They are often manned by people with no more background in tooth and gum maintenance than you or I have. Not only that, but the sanitary conditions used at some would make you think twice, if you only knew.

If you have great insurance or can afford it in your budget, they recommend getting the personalized mold and whitening gel from your dentist. If you can not do that, they say the Crest Whitening Strips are safe and do a decent job, too.

For more info, talk to your dentist!